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Increase Efficiencies

AACER® (Automated Access to Court Electronic Records) allows lenders and law firms to easily and efficiently monitor and retrieve electronic data from bankruptcy dockets nationwide. The AACER system retrieves case data from every court in the country and houses it in a central location, allowing you quick and convenient access with one reliable connection point. Benefits of the AACER system include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined bankruptcy process
  • Efficient workflow management
  • User alerts for critical court filings
  • Multi-party access
  • Quick notification

Manage Thousands of Cases

AACER Monitoring enables your staff to more efficiently manage their workflow. No need to manually search through the traditional channels for key case events. AACER automatically delivers only the critical docket information, enabling your staff to more effectively utilize their time.

One Location for Case Documents

With our central connection point to all bankruptcy courts, you have one convenient place to log in and find specific case information. If an underlying document is retrieved, it is available for viewing to everyone in your organization at no additional cost.

Track Daily Changes with Extra Edition®

With daily reporting of disposition changes in addition to AACER Monitoring, you can further save time by working through dismissals, closings, discharges and conversions recorded for all of your cases during the previous business day. AACER Extra Edition is the ultimate in efficiency, dramatically compressing your timelines and ability to react.