Proven Methods

Over the course of 18 years, we have developed some of the industry's tightest and best-tested processes. Our proven track record for quality and service has earned us some of the world’s highest-profile and most complex Chapter 11 cases ever filed, including Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Adelphia, WorldCom, Lehman Brothers and Enron.

Quick Access to Case Information

Epiq provides all parties 24/7 web access to general claim schedule information and case data. Creditor information is imported into our proprietary claims management system, which generates proof-of-claim forms for each creditor. Customized claim forms significantly reduce the filing of unnecessary claims by creditors. The system constantly updates each claim’s status, as well as payments, and addresses changes, duplicates and amended claims. If claims are transferred, we make appropriate updates. We monitor for variances between the Schedules of Liability and the Claims Register, enabling prompt resolution of discrepancies.

Claims Filing via the Internet

Epiq’s proprietary website interface permits creditors to file proofs of claim online in the Lehman SIPA matter. This capability provides significant cost and time savings, facilitating instantaneous filings and improving efficiencies in gathering claims data.