California Ford Explorer

CIGNA Physician Settlement

Crompton Corporation Securities Litigation

Fast v. Applebee's

Foothill/DeAnza Community College District v. Northwest Pipe Company

General Motors Securities Litigation

Greenberg v. E*TRADE Financial Corp.

Guidry v. American Public Life Insurance

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Securities Litigation

Masztal v. City of Miami Settlement

Meredith v. Clayton Homes Inc.

National Treasury Employees Union v. The United States of America

Natural Gas Anti-Trust Cases

Nola Greeno v. Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Amco Insurance Company

Polaris Pipes Settlement

Royal Dutch Shell Non-United States Residential Securities Settlement

Runyan v. Transamerica Life Insurance Company

SEC v. AIG, Inc.

SEC v. Raytheon

Strawn v. Farmers Insurance Co. of Oregon, et al.

T-Mobile Opt-out Administration

Trans Union Privacy Litigation

UCAN v. Bank of America

Van Horn, v. Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Co.

Western States Wholesale Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation