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Earlier, better case strategy decisions

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Epiq Analytics

Early insight into your information, enabling better case strategy decisions.

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Make Better Case Strategy Decisions with Epiq eDiscovery Analytics

Epiq AnalyticsSM is Web-based, user-friendly early case assessment and analytics software that enables you to make better case strategy decisions. With conceptual search, interactive report generation, data visualization and powerful analytics tools, you get actionable insights into your case data, giving you control over data minimization for hosting and review, thereby reducing expenses and time to production.

Make Fully Informed Case Strategy Decisions with Early Case Assessment

Epiq Analytics enables you to complete early case assessment prior to manual review, make fully informed case strategy decisions earlier in the process and identify critical documents, including discussion threads, custodial documents and message attachments. Epiq Analytics allows you to:

  • Gain early strategic advantage with more complete case knowledge
  • Make crucial go-to-court or settle decisions earlier in the process
  • Determine negotiation strategies for meet and confer conferences

Immediately Identify Critical Data with Visual Case Analytics

  • Easily identify trends, communication patterns, key concepts and core themes using Epiq Analytics’ conversation analysis, search filters, grouping and clustering features 
  • Interactive, real-time hit reports enable you to define more focused search terms, view documents natively and immediately identify over-inclusive terms for elimination or negotiation with opposing counsel 
  • Audit your manual review to ensure consistent, accurate results

Complete Control Over Data Minimization

  • Rapidly identify the pertinent data set to be promoted to review or tagged as potentially privileged without re-processing
  • Built on Epiq’s industry-leading, proprietary eDiscovery platform, DocuMatrix®, Epiq Analytics integrates easily into your eDiscovery workflow, with additional support for third-party tools