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Efficient disbursement in large class action cases

In cases involving disbursements to tens of thousands of people, clients know they can count on us for cost-efficient, accurate support. Our highly secure, controlled disbursement and fund management system ensures that the right people receive the right amount, every time. From single, automated disbursements to recurring disbursements, our in-house team of accounting and tax professionals has the resources and proven expertise to meet the exact requirements and timing of your settlement plan.
We securely and efficiently handle your funds, utilizing our managed disbursement services and proprietary disbursement software. Ours is a proactive approach to controlling the entire process, including acting as escrow agent, investing settlement funds in secure approved investments, managing cash flow and analyzing and reconciling bank accounts, all under the strictest quality control.

Safeguarding your assets and personal data

Securing your assets and personal information is a critical priority. We operate under the industry’s most rigorous security standards, with regular account audits. In fact, our standards exceed those of the banking and federal government sectors. We are audited under SSAE 16 standards and currently manage funds and payments for the federal government. Our checks are printed on-site with secure paper stock and MICR encoding.

Helping you meet tax requirements

Adhering to tax filing requirements can be an elaborate process for a Qualified Settlement Fund. We provide a wide range of services to help you meet those requirements, including TIN matching, federal and state income tax return preparation, advising and reporting on class member awards, and filing all tax returns, with required payments. Acting as an intermediary between you and the IRS, we respond to all IRS communications and coordinate directly with them, as necessary.


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$11.5B in disbursements in 24 hours to thousands of creditors in one of the largest Ch. 11 disbursements in history.

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