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Paying Agent Services

Making payments doesn’t have to be a costly, cumbersome, and manual process with Epiq's Paying Agent Services. Our full suite of fulfillment services streamlines processing, notices and cash, check and stock disbursements for any type of private transaction. Our advanced online automation technology coupled with our team of dedicated legal, accounting and tax experts significantly reduces risk and cost throughout the disbursement process, including for Letter of Transmittal submissions, verification, tax reporting, payment options and more.

Epiq Paying Agent Services makes payment verification easyPaying Agent Services allows for various payment options

What makes Epiq the right fit?

  • Proactive approach to driving the entire process
  • Highest level of client service 24/7
  • Most advanced ever-evolving proprietary online platform with optimum user experience and user interface
  • Online Letter of Transmittal, tax reporting, consents, cancellation agreements, payment options and more
  • Manual processing expertise (when preferred)
  • Fully transparent process
  • Unmatched product flexibility and customizability
  • Highest level of security
Custom Intake, Automated Processing

Custom Intake, Automated Processing

Our web-based intake platform is flexible to address the client’s specific needs.

Print and Noticing

Print and Noticing

We deliver fast, accurate fulfillment to meet the demands of any noticing volume on any deadline.

Expedited Processing

Expedited Processing

Our technology will transform the way you currently execute transactions and save you time and money.

Hosting and Security

Hosting and Security

Our highly-secure data centers exceed Tier IV standards and are monitored 24/7/365.

Fast, easy, totally custom. Reduce your cost, risk and turnaround time.


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