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Epiq offers a wide range of value-driven service and technology options at every stage of your eDiscovery process. 

Information governance/compliance

  • Discovery preparedness assessments: We thoroughly evaluate your litigation and regulatory discovery preparedness, including legal hold, litigation workflow, data mapping and placement, organizational unity, geographic factors and technology standards.
  • Legacy data disposition, remediation and program development: Large archives of information—such as those old backup tapes and hard drives bursting with email—can be overwhelming. We utilize our technology and best practices so you can quickly and efficiently access your archives.
  • Compliance, information management/retention policy creation and implementation: We help you align your records and information management practices to internal/external risk, cost and regulatory/compliance objectives and requirements. We also assist you in developing policies and procedures that align with IT and business strategy, risk, cost and compliance factors.
  • Data privacy breach response: A data breach is an ever-present threat. We help you identify and manage sensitive information, and assist you in establishing a response protocol should confidential or sensitive information be lost. 
  • Technology assessment: We’ll review your current technology, establish clear technology requirements, help you select and implement new hardware/software and migrate data as needed.
  • Resolution readiness: We work with you to evaluate your organization’s litigation resolution needs and design new resolution concept technology tools and databases.

Complex discovery management

  • Case strategy development: We assist you in the development/refinement of strategies regarding records management, discovery and technology, as well as your approach to legal hold, identification, preservation, collection, review and production.
  • Complex discovery management: We help you perform case-specific data mapping, custodian fact-finding and scoping. We also help you evaluate and/or process legacy data and archival systems.
  • Structured and chat room data analysis, review and production: We discover, assemble, consolidate and analyze all data with supporting testimony as needed. We also provide reporting, production and an audited review environment.
  • Expert witness services: We provide support for testimony and consultation regarding intellectual property issues, investigation of failed technology implementations and analysis of technology-based special services and databases. We also review and make recommendations for forensic collection methodology and procedures—as well as assist in preparing expert witnesses for testimony.
  • Trial support: We’re available as needed to provide support on trial preparation projects.

Services to law firms

  • Litigation/practice support assessment: We review your firm’s eDiscovery and litigation/practice support strategy, suppliers and procedures. We provide recommendations and gap analysis based on findings and best practices, including managed services opportunities.
  • Education awareness and best practices: Our experts provide CLE/CPD-eligible training and presentations on legal rules relating to eDiscovery, including complex search and TAR best practices.
  • Interim staffing services: We help you recruit and place specialized staff within law firms to deliver increased workloads within tight deadlines.
  • Management reporting design: We review your current reporting requirements, help with the design and implementation of technology tools to capture reporting, and can also help with the possible integration of new technology with the existing matter management system.
  • Technology Adoption: We appraise all data in legacy systems. And assist in selection of new software applications, mapping of data in the legacy system, and conversion of data.
  • Work product capture and collaboration: Working with your in-house counsel, we evaluate your current approach to document management and collaboration—and assist in the development of technology tools/databases to best capture your work product.


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